Using Smart Ad Campaigns With Media Buying – Techniques You Need To Know

For the most part, Internet Marketers stay away from media buying…perhaps because they find the idea of doing it frightening. There are all sorts of falsehoods to sort through when it comes to this activity. You shouldn’t let yourself fall prey to such things though. Media buying is worth exploring and testing, though, especially when you want your business to be successful.

It is possible to negotiate for lower rates once you have found a website that provide you with adequate success. Knowing the CPC for each campaign is knowledge you need to have. You can negotiate for a lower CPM what you are able to understand this figure. You’ll have your CPC based on the performance of the campaign. But most people will not calculate this for the average CPC which is a tactical error. Give this a try and see what the difference is and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. To achieve the average, you need to determine what type of CPM you are actually working with. When it comes time to renew, you will have a lot more leverage to get a lower price. It’s better to save money and work with the smaller networked pages. They rates on these sites are lower but the ads can still look good and be seen by heavy levels of traffic. So you put in your media buy and pat yourself on the back. The possible problem here is that a lot of the sites, like adult sites and other sites you might want to avoid, also make media buys on these kinds of sites. This means that your ad will be running in the same spaces as those other ads. You really won’t want this just because you can make the wrong impression with web users. You are sort of branding your websites as being in line with those other sites which might not something that you want to do. Talk to the network before you buy from them and either make other arrangements or move on to another network.

There are correct and incorrect ways to talk to the people you are looking to do your media buy with. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different technical terms and jargon that you need to say. One example of this is to be very clear about who you are and what you’re doing. If you want to brand your site or engage in direct response advertising, then talk to them about what you’re doing. You want them to be very clear about this because it makes a difference with the price you negotiate. Lower rates may be possible depending on what it is that you’re attempting to do. The purpose of your campaign is one on which you really want to hone in. As you do more of them, you’ll get a feel for how to handle this kind of media buy. Many affiliates make money with media buying, something that you probably would not have thought of. You have to be able to pick the right products to make this work. Regardless of whether or not you do any ad buying, if you choose the wrong product to promote, you are going to fail no matter what.
If you are able to relax and get creative, you will be able to make more money with media buying. People are open to offers, and due to this flexibility, you can generate some great business. Banner ad space is not very popular with IMers, mostly because they have a certain focus in mind when it comes to advertising. Media buying is not always straight nuts and bolts, or mechanics, and you have to be willing to take a few controlled risks.

Sometimes you’ll come across a great page or website and want to publish your banners there and the owners will tell you that the site is fully booked. The best places are often found in this situation and it is important to understand your options. So when you find yourself here, try asking the owner if you might be able to run a smaller ad, like a button ad, on the site. Just talk, be as honest and friendly as possible, and ask if there isn’t any way to fit you in somewhere. Knowing that the best spots are taken is fine, but sometimes the sites will still find a way to fit you in. They are in this to increase their profits and you have money to spend. If this is the only option for you, you should be charged a lower rate. Make sure you speak up if the rate is the same but the location is much less desirable. Media buying is actually fun to do. If you know how to negotiate, you can bend the rules, and get fantastic advertising rates. It’s easy to break the rules, plus there are no rules that will prevent you from bending them just a bit. For instance, CPM is not the only way that you can advertise with many of these sites. CTR, or guaranteed click through rate, is another way to do this. More than likely, you will have more money for your efforts when working with guaranteed CTR and CPM rates. People that do CPC advertising must choose a certain cost per click when they set their advertising budget. Once you have your CPM and CTR numbers, it’s easy to determine what your cost per click (CPC) is going to be.

This is a strategy that has proven incredibly profitable (in spite of its low cost) for media buyers who want to run ads on websites that are popular and that get a lot traffic flow. Make them an offer with a flat rate for a smaller creative such as a button ad. Most people think they have to pay the straight rate card CPM fee, or CPC if that’s appropriate.

This isn’t the truth at all–you just have to approach the site owner and ask them about it. You would be surprised at what you can do by just asking people about something. Make them an offer or at least approach them with what you want. You want to pay a fee that is flat and based upon the lowest possible and logical conversion rate that you can hope to get.

You can build your business model however you want to do so when you approach media buying. Someone with expert level knowledge here can do media buying for others and then ask for a portion of the profits. They rake in the dollars because they help other people do the same thing.